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If the traveler wishes to change or cancel the reservation, it has to be in written (e-mail, mail or fax) . By „change“ it is considered a change in the number of people, or change of the dates of travel, at least 30 days before using the the service. First change of the reservation, if it is possible without extra expenses, will be made for free. For any more changes the traveler will be charged the expenses of 15 EUR per change. If the change of the reservation is not possible, and the traveler cancels a confirmed reservation because of it, lower mentioned conditions apply. Any change of accommodation unit and any change within 30 days before using the service is considered a cancellation of the reservation.

The cancellation costs will be calculated from the date on which Uniline d.o.o. receives a written request for the cancellation, and it is as follows:

  1. 1. For the cancellation more then 30 days prior the arrival, Uniline d.o.o. charges 15% of the full price of the reservation, a minimum of 15 EUR.

  2. 2. For the cancellation in the period between 29 and 22 days prior the arrival , Uniline d.o.o. charges 30% of the full price of the reservation.

  3. 3. For the cancellation in the period between 21 and 15 days prior the arrival, Uniline d.o.o. charges 40% of the full price of the reservation.

  4. 4. For the cancellation in the period between 14 and 8 days prior the arrival, Uniline d.o.o. charges 80% of the full price of the reservation.

  5. 5. For the cancellation in the period between 7 and 0 days prior the arrival, Uniline d.o.o. charges 100% of the full price of the reservation.

  6. 6. If the traveler does not arrive to the destination or cancels the service of the accommodation after it began, Uniline d.o.o. charges the full price of the reservation.

For every cancellation of the reservation Uniline d.o.o. charges 25 EUR of manipulative expenses. If the traveler has to cancel within 7 days before using the service, Uniline d.o.o. offers the traveler a possibility to find a new user for the same reservation (if it is possible), in which case Uniline d.o.o. charges only for an exchange fee. The new user has all the responsibility from these "General conditions“.

If the costs of the accommodation are in fact higher than what was initially given, Uniline d.o.o. has the right to charge the difference. The above mentioned cancellation fees are used primarily for the changes of the reservation, but also for all other essential changes.

By realizing the payment for the booking, the client certifies that he/she is completely familiarized with all the details and conditions under which the particular accommodation unit is offered. By realizing the payment, everything stated in these General Terms and Conditions, becomes a legal obligation of the client and of the Agency. all the conditions and terms specified in this contract become legal obligation of both the client and the Agency.


In the case of cancellation of confirmed reservation for the car rental service, the cancellation costs for the car rental service are as follows:
- For the cancellation Uniline d.o.o. charges the advance paid as confirmation of the reservation.


Applies only if the guest bought "Travel cancellation insurance".
In this case "General terms" of Allianz Travel insurance are valid.
Here are the articles that refer to "Travel cancellation insurance":


Sum insured

Article 33
The sum insured equals the price of the travel agreed upon and paid by the Insured in respect of which he/she has concluded an insurance contract with the Insurer.

Scope of the Insurer's liability

Article 34
(1) If the Insured cancels the contracted trip due to unforeseen obstacles or obstacles which could not have been prevented or avoided by the Insured, and which may have arisen between the time of the conclusion of the contract concerning the trip and the commencement of the trip, or if for these reasons the Insured is forced to interrupt a trip which has already commenced, providing that he had not used more than 50% of the planned trip, the Insurer shall indemnify the costs of travel cancellation if the trip in question has been cancelled because of any of the following events:

a) sudden acute illness (except for mental illness) which requires urgent medical care; pregnancy disorders; death or severe bodily injury of the Insured, the Insured's spouse or co-resident common-law spouse, children, parents, siblings, or persons entrusted to the Insured's care;

b) the intolerance to vaccination which the Insured was obliged to take according to valid legal regulations of the country of destination;

c) greater damage to the property of the Insured caused by a natural disaster, fire or a deliberate criminal act of a third party;

d) military exercise;

e) theft or total damage to the vehicle of the Insured, if he/she is travelling by this vehicle.


Article 35
(1) In the case of occurrence of an insured event the Insurer is liable to pay the indemnity in the amount of 90% of the price of the trip agreed upon and paid for by the Insured.

(2) If the trip is cancelled prior to the planned commencement of the trip, the Insurer shall indemnify the full amount of the already paid premium for the remaining unused coverage as it is agreed upon in the travel insurance contract which stipulates the indemnity in the event of travel cancellation.

Notification of the insured event

Article 36
(1) The Insured is obliged to within 3 (three) working days of the occurrence of any reason for travel cancellation as specified in Article 34 of these Terms and Conditions cancel the trip at the travel agency with which he/she has entered into the travel agreement or to cancel the arrangements with the provider of accommodation and transport during the trip in>
(2) If the Insured has to cancel the agreed upon or commenced trip for any of the reasons specified in Article 34 of these Terms and Conditions, he/she is obliged to inform the Insurer thereof in writing at the latest within 15 working days from the date of the occurrence of the reason for the cancellation. br>
Article 37
(1) The Insured is obliged, within 30 days of the date when the trip should have commenced according to the original plan at the latest, to submit to the Insurer a claim along with the following documents:

a) the original insurance policy;

b) a payment slip and travel contract whereby he/she confirms that the travel has been paid for;

c) a written certificate of the travel cancellation by the travel agency or the provider of accommodation and/or transportation services, on which the date of travel cancellation must be shown clearly and explicitly, and in the case of the termination of a trip which has already commenced, the date and place of the termination of the trip must be specified;

d) a written statement by the travel agency or the provider of the accommodation and/or transportation services showing the amount that has been charged to the Insured because of the cancellation or termination of the trip;

e) if a trip is cancelled or terminated because of illness, bodily injury, pregnancy or intolerance of a vaccine, the Insured must submit to the Insurer the complete medical documentation relating to the illness, injury, pregnancy and vaccination, which is related to the Insured’s inability to travel, as well as a sick-leave report or the employer’s certificate on the use of a paid holiday in that period if the Insured is employed;

f) if a trip is cancelled or terminated because of death, the Insured or the Beneficiary must submit to the Insurer the death certificate or an extract from the Register of deaths;

g) if a trip is cancelled or terminated because of a loss of and/or damage to property or a military exercise, the Insured must submit to the Insurer a certificate of the competent authority.

Final provisions

Article 38
The contract concerning personal travel health insurance, personal travel accident insurance, liability insurance, luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance shall also be subject to other mandatory provisions of the Civil Obligations Act, and to dispositional provisions where the issues to which they relate are not regulated otherwise hereunder. In case of discrepancies between hereby noted and agreed wordings of subject policy in Croatian language and the English translation, the Croatian policy wordings will prevail.

Applicable since 3rd of December 2013

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