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Dalmatia charms with a myriad of islands, small islands and reeves, with the variety of beaches and beautiful cities. Some of the most famous cities are Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik. However, some smaller cities and less known will also bring you back in the days. Nevertheless, Dalmatia is known as the "Adriatic pearl". Dalmatia is situated in the south-east of the Adriatic sea, and it spreads from the island of Pag (north) to Boka Kotarska (south).

Atraction in Dalmatia

1. Diocletian´ s Palace - is located in the old roman city of Split. The Palace was built in the name of the emperor Diocletian 1700 years ago, in the city where he wished to spend his last years. In he palace there is the Cathedral of St. Duje, named after the patron of Split. Today, numerous manifestations take place there, such as the Diocletian´ s evening, and the evenings of traditional music. In 1979 it was registered in the UNESCO' list of the Patrimony of humanity.

Diocletian´ s Palace

2. Trogir - is a small medieval city a few km away from Split, filled with cultural monuments, rinascimental palaces, and sorrounded by old walls that protect the castle, also patrimony of UNESCO. The land is sorrounded by a beautiful vegetation, calm islands and beaches, olive trees and pine trees. In the old taverns you can enjoy the local wine and fresh tasty fish. It is a fusion between future and present.

The National park of Kornati islands and the National park of Krka

3. The National park of Kornati islands and the National park of Krka - the archipelago of the Kornati islands is the most indented of the whole Mediterran. This real labyrinth of sea and rocks is made of approximately140 islands, small islands and uninhabited reeves. The islands stand out for their bizarre form, for their particular relieves, and for the extraordinary greatness of the rocks. They represent one of the most favourite destinations for the nautical tourism of the Adriatic Sea, and that is the reason why there are more than ten marinas in the area.
The river Krka is certainly the most extraordinary river of the Croatian Karst. It is well known for the innumerable waterfalls, made by the sedimentation of a particular type of lime. After the superb waterfalls, the river dives into the lake Prukljan, and into the deep Gulf, where another historical city has its roots: Šibenik.

 Old walls of Dubrovnik

4. Old walls of Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik is sourrounded by 2 km of walls, which in the ancient times were used as protection from the enemies. In the city there are many cultural monuments, cathedrals, churches, and the famous street called Stradun. In Dubrovnik takes place one of the most important cultural manifestation in Croatia.

river Neretva

5. Delta of the river Neretva - it is the major river of South Dalmatia and one of the most important of Bosna and Herzegovina. The delta of the river is very important for the development of the agriculture, making the land irrigable. It is important also for communication, because of the city Ploče, known as an industrial harbour. Once there was the ancient city of Metković, whereas today you can admire its ruines.

North, Central and South Dalmatia

NORTH DALMATIA: vacation and holidays in North Dalmatia


North Dalmatia includes the coast between the island of Pag (north) and the city of Primošten (south). The most important and the greatest city of north Dalmatia is Zadar. In this county you can visit medieval cities and monuments from the Roman period, as te Cathedral of St. Donat in Zadar, or the one of St. Ivan in Šibenik. Other than being sorrounded by a spectacular coast and islands, the most beautiful panoramic views are offered by two national parks, which are national park Krka and the Kornati islands. Between the old walls made of concrete, sorrounded by olive trees and vineyards, the peasants are dedicated to the production of Marasca, a sort of wine, which they say, has madical power.

CENTRAL DALMATIA: vacation and holidays in Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia includes the coast between the river Krka (north-west) and the coast of Makarska (south-west). The most important and the largest city of central Dalmatia is Split. In this county you can visit the remains of old towns, such as Solun, and the Diocletian´s Palace. Furthermore, being so close to an uncontaminated sea, breathtaking beaches, and creeks, helps the growth of tourism. It offers a variety of accommodation in Dalmatia, such as hotels, apartments, private houses, residence, vacation villages, camping, bungalow, and others. All accommodation offers different contents such as restaurants (with a large seafood offer), recreation centers, entertainment, and others. In this county there is the river Cetina, known as the sport center for rafting and rowing.

SOUTH DALMATIA: vacation and holidays in South Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

South Dalmatia represents the smallest part of the Dalmatian coast, and it is extended to the border with Bosna and Herzegovina. The greatest and the most important city is Dubrovnik, known for the ancient walls that surround the city. There are no large tourist centers in South Dalmatia, but you can enjoy the beautiful view of the delta of the river Neretva, as well as the national park in the area, famous for its two baies. This county is well known for the production of wine, Malvazija, for the production of olive oil, and for fishing.

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