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PULA: hotels and apartments in pula (Istria, Croatia)


Pula is one of the oldest towns in Istria. The city of rich history that dates back over 3000 years. According to the size of structed coast and level of equipment, Pula is the largest and most important sea port in Istria and the well-protected Pula Bay places it among the best natural harbors on the Adriatic. Access to the town is possible by various means of transport and especially it should be pointed that in the immediate vicinity of Pula (6 km) is airport equipped for international air traffic.

Attractions in Pula

National park Brijuni

1. National park Brijuni - 3 bigger and 12 smaller islands make the archipelago of Brijuni, located in the south-west coast of Istria. Brijuni are particular for their dense Mediterranean vegetation, safari park with inhabitated by rare animals and many archeological remains from the Roman, or more specifically the Byzantine, era.

The heritage of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

2. The heritage of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy - A tour of the Austro-Hungarian civilan architecture and military fortifications, boat trip, tour of the military-religious facility.

Amphiteater in Pula

3. Amphiteater in Pula - surely one of the most significant cultural and historical inheritance in Istria, from the Roman age. The amphiteater in Pula was built in the first century, from the time of the emperor Vespazijan, and by its size is the 6th in th World. During that time, the amphiteater was used as a theater for gladiator fights, whereas today it is used as stage for various cultural events, mostly concerts.

Tourist and cultural center

Tourism in Pula

Tourist settlement Verudela
Tourist settlement Verudela
Lighthouse Porer

Today Pula is a cultural, economical, and tourist center of Istria. Situated at the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula, surrounded by beautiful beaches, Pula has a large number of hotels to stay in. In the surrounding area there are Vacation villages like Bi-Village, and a variety of private houses. In the close vicinity of Pula lie two beautiful nature parks. One is the Nature park Kamenjak, south of Pula, near the town of Premantura, and the other is a Croatian national park Brijuni, north of Pula.

History and culture of Pula

Arena Puli
Gold gate

Pula shows its history at every step, from the ancient roman monuments like Amphitheater (Arena), which is also the symbol of the city, Arch of the Sergii and the Temple of Augustus to the Medieval and Renaissance buildings from the Venetian and Austro-Hungarian Empire times.

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