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ISLAND OF RAB: hotels and apartments on Rab (Islands, Croatia)


Rab is one of the islands of the Kvarner Bay archipelago located between Krk in the northwest and Pag in the southeast. There are several towns and places scattered over the island, mostly on the south side, protected from the wind Bura. Here, in the south of the island is possibly the most beautiful holm oak forests in the Mediterranean.

Attractions in Rab

Hotel International Rab

1. Hotel International Rab - Hotel Rab is located in the center of the old city on the island of Rab. Because of the very mild climate of the island, the promenade along the sea and the large park surrounding hotel Rab are excellent places for senior citizens in winter, spring or autumn. In the summer, nightly entertainment in numerous clubs and the lively Mediterranean atmosphere are particularly attractive for young people.

Tourist settlement San Marino Rab

2. Tourist settlement San Marino Rab - Hotel village San Marino lies along the sandy beach that is 1,5 km long and well known under the name "Paradise beach". Owing to its location San Marino is an ideal holiday resort for families with small children, for not a good swimmers, and for the senior citizens during the periods before and after the main season that are interested in a beach holiday as this flat beach provides to the senior citizens going into the sea without any difficulties. The hotel village consists on the five hotels.

Hotel Padova Rab

3. Hotel Padova Rab - Hotel Padova is situated in the bay of Prva Padova on island Rab, directly on the sea approx 5-10 minutes walk from the old town Rab. Hotel Padova offers to the guests a pleasant and comfortable stay throught the year.

Tourist and cultural center

Tourism in Rab

Rab panorama
Rab walls
Rab beach

On the island of Rab there are several small towns and villages scattered over the island. One of them bears the same name as the island. City of Rab is mostly known for its four church bell towers which became the symbol of the town and island, and the town patron is St. Christopher. The city is surrounded by walls that are in large part still standing, and one of the symbols of the city is the church St. Mary the Blessed, whose motives Rab women translate to well known Rab lace.
Clean and clear sea, beautiful nature, and the hospitality of Rab inhabitants are known attributes of Rab which will make your stay here special. Rab is an island of contrasts. On the north coast of the island, resembling a stone wall, stretches the barren hill Kamenjak, which protects the south of the island from strong winds from the continent. The south is rich in Mediterranean vegetation and beautiful sandy and rocky beaches. Everyone can find a place for themselves on island of Rab.


Rab panorama
Rab church

Special attraction on Rab is Chivalric tournement of crossbowmen which are held in honor of the town patron St. Christopher. These medieval games are held on May 30 and July 27, while a solemn march-past in the town is organized on Assumption day, too. On these occasions Rab offers to its visitors a whole series of programs worth seeing.

Places in Rab

Rab beach
Rab diving

Lopar is a small tourist town on the island of Rab known for its numerous sandy beaches. There are 22 sandy beaches around Lopar, and most famous beach is 1.5 km long "Paradise Beach", near which are most hotels and apartments as well as a beach resort "San Marino" with the biggest campsite on the island. In addition to "Paradise Beach" we recommend the beaches "Sahara" and "Ciganka" and there are lots of smaller beaches in the numerous bays and they are all sand beaches. In Lopar is the Church of St. John the Baptist, the patron of the parish of Lopar, and on a nearby hill in the pine forest the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 14 century is located. Lopar is also known by the Rab crossbowmen, which in many summer events attract the interest of tourists. Lopar is suitable for families with children and young people who want an active life, sport and entertainment.

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