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The area of Northern Velebit was proclaimed a national park in 1999 because of exceptional natural beauty, distinct variety of karst phenomena and the rich wildlife that resides there.

The Northern Velebit National Park today is the ideal destination for those who prefer an active vacation and recreation in untouched nature, as well as a feeling of true wilderness. There are over 30 hiking trails that lead towards different landscapes and provide numerous opportunities for discovering this jewel among all of Croatia's natural heritage. Almost each of those hiking trails – including most popular Zavižan, Velebit Botanical Garden and Premužić Trail - leads towards mountain peaks and wonderful lookout points.

Premužić Trail, for example, passes through the most interesting and beautiful parts of Northern Velebit, leading towards mountain tops from which an outstanding wiev of the Adriatic, islands of Rab, Pag, Krk, Prvić and Goli (Naked Island) expands on one side, while the continent and the hinterland of Lika lie on the other side.

There is also a strict nature reserve inside the Northern Velebit National Park which is closed for visitors (with the exception of scinetists and educational visits of groups) called Hajdučki and Rožanski Kukovi – an area of geomorphic phenomenons where in 1999. one of the deepest caves in the world, Luka's Cave, was discovered.

Many ruins of old livestock housing, stone walls and houses bear witness to past times when a significantly higher number of people lived in the area of Northern Velebit National Park, giving an aditional, cultural value to this exquisitely beautiful natural landscape.


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