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A famous vinicultural region - that is our Moslavina! Thracians, Celts and Illyrians planted the first Moslavina vines; the region became famous for its wine making back in the mid-19th century in Vienna. Nowadays Moslavina is a developed wine-growing region and a home to two types of supreme vintages Moslavac and Škrleta. On our tour we are taking you on a real grape harvest in the heart of Moslavina where you will have a chance to learn everything about grape harvesting techniques through expert guidance of our hosts.

Experience wine in a different way and find out how this nectar of the god’s whose history reaches back thousands of years is made! Our enological adventure will be further enriched with flavors and aromas of authentic regional cuisine as well as with an performance of a folklore ensemble in a traditional castle.
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In today’s modern age, a time of rapid changes, return to the past and exploration of tradition will provide you with an unforgettable experience. We will visit typical picturesque villages of this mountainous region, each with its own beauty and preserved stories of the past. In Eco-ethno village Strug will enjoy in the magical views of the idyllic countryside and spend a pleasant time in the company of Posavina horses. In Ethno village Stara Lonja we will see wooden houses authentically decorated, and in the Nature Park Lonsko Polje we will visit Krapje - Architectural Heritage Village. To make the experience complete we will try dishes of our ancestors and enjoy the music of local musicians.
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Đurđevac because of its uniqueness and close proximity to untouched nature is a perfect place for sport preparations for amateurs as well as professionals. Everyday training coupled with professional trainers and physical conditioning will make any athlete ready for exceptional results and to test it our domestic teams are ready and waiting for sparring matches. Special culinary menus made according to the instructions of sports doctors and trainers will be provided. Our program also includes physiatrist specialists who will assist in alleviating or eliminating sports fatigue while you are relaxing in a famous wellness center. Our wide range of service is a right choice for your club!
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Visit six different counties of northwestern Croatia and discover the legends that bring us back in the times of nobles and royalty of middle-ages. Our journey begins in the Old Town Medvedgrad from whose fortified walls we can see a beautiful panorama of Zagreb. From Croatian capital over the fortresses of Veliki Kalnik and Knoščina we will arrive to Varazdin – ‘Croatian Vienna’ a city of baroque music and flowers whose streets reflect the specific atmosphere of intimacy and warmth. The most beautiful of Croatian castles Trakošćan and Veliki Tabor coupled with fairy tale like beautiful landscape of Croatian Zagorje will leave an unforgettable mark in our memories. Welcoming the city notary celebration in the most famous restaurant in Varazdin and kremsnite are also a part of our tour, a tour that you absolutely have to experience.
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Plitvice lakes were one of the first national parks in the world to be listed on the UNESCO list of world heritage. Walk and explore with us all 16 lakes within the national park in a light hiking tour. The relaxing sounds of the lakes and the forest greenery will delight you at first sight. For those looking for a little more demanding program, we have prepared a rout that climbs to the highest peak in the area Siliški peak (1279m). A walking tour of Northern Velebit National Park is a new adventure that will delight all visitors looking for diversity and exploration. Level of difficulty of our tours is adjusted according to the general fitness level and age of our guests.
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Join us on a quest to find untouched nature of the most beautiful parts of Croatia. Through our journey you will learn about the natural resources of one of the most beautiful national parks in the Croatia – Plitvice Lakes. Visiting this beautiful national park with its sixteen turquoise lakes will be an experience you won't soon forget. During the visit to Otočac be sure to visit the Ethnographic museum and the old mills. When we get to ethno-village Kuterevo do not miss the bear sanctuary.

Avoid the hustle and bustle of modern day and enjoy these moments of peace and quiet while also partaking in culinary delicacies of the region.
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Amid Moslavina mountain near the town of Podgarić one of the oldest medieval Croatian fortified towns can be found – Garić. A town that was built in 1256 by ban Stjepan Šubić. Travel back in time and discover the legends that tell us about the time of the Ottoman occupation. We will also visit the cities of Bjelovar, Podgorica, Čazma and enjoy the untouched nature of the nature park Lonjsko Polje. After this cultural uplift relax and enjoy some authentic cuisine of this region.
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