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Nature parks in Croatia

Find the perfect holiday in the Croatian nature parks

The natural beatuy and intact nature are one of the characteristic of Croatia. Nature Parks in Croatia are noted for their beauty and natural preservation where you can spend unforgettable moments of relaxation and enjoyment in the nature. Nature Park covers a larger natural area (that can be cultivated), which has the characteristics of a national or international ecological importance and has a lesser category of protection of national parks.

There are 11 nature parks in Croatia: Bikovo, Kopački rit, Lonsko Polje, Medvednica, Papuk, Telašćica, Velebit, Vransko lake, Učka, Žumberak, and the Lastovo islands.

Agency Uniline allows you to spend a perfect holiday in the Croatian nature parks, and forget the everyday crowds in the city.

Ponuka parky prírody v Chorvátsku

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