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ISLAND LOŠINJ: hotels, resorts and private apartments


The Island Lošinj is part of the Cres-Lošinj island group, which constitutes the western segment of the Kvarner’s islands inside the Kvarner Bay. The Cres and Lošinj archipelago in Kvarner Bay is the largest group of islands in the Adriatic, made up of 36 islands, islets and reefs. You can reach the island with a car, bus or even with a plane as there is a small airport there as well. Lošinj has a very specific climate which is benefitial to the human body so it's no wonder they call it the island of vitality.


Hotel Aurora Losinj

1. Hotel Aurora**** - Hotel Aurora on Mali Lošinj is located in the beautiful Sunny Bay, surrounded by the crystal blue sea and centuries old pine-wood mediterranean forest. Hotel is located only 50m away from the sea next to the sports facilities, and you will reach the centre of Mali Lošinj with an easy 20 minute stroll. Apart from the summer, Aurora is well known winter season hotel due to its amazing wellness facilities.

Hotel Vespera Losinj

2. Family Hotel Vespera**** - located only 50m from the sea and nearly 2km from the town center hotel Vespera is a family type hotel which means that all accommodation units and accompanying facilities are made with families first in mind. Take your loved ones and book a stay at Vespera!

Hotel Bellevue Losinj

3. Hotel Bellevue***** - Hotel Bellevue is situated amidst the beautiful forest park and bay of Cikat on island Losinj, only 50 m from the sea and 1.5 km from the town center. If you want to enjoy what Lošinj has to offer while staying in a premium hotel, feel free to book your holidays in hotel Bellevue.

Tourist and cultural center

Tourism in Lošinj

Lošinj panorama
Lošinj center
Lošinj town

The island of Lošinj is surrounded by beautiful beaches and clear blue sea. Sailing around Lošinj you can see a certain species of dolphin which lives in Lošinj´s aquatory. A true sight for sore eyes! Aforementioned hotel Vespera**** is ideal for families while hotel Aurora**** is perfect for those who want to enjoy many splendid wellness facilities. Luxurious hotel Bellevue***** will be perfect for those who want to stay in a 5 star hotel on the island. On a beautiful green peninsula you will find the Resort Vitality Punta which is divided in two parts: Vitality Punta hotel**** and Vitality Punta apartments****. Those who want to spend their holidays in a smaller hotel we recommend they do so in Boutique hotel Alhambra*****.

History and culture of Lošinj

Mali Lošinj
Mali lošinj panorama
Lošinj dolphins

In ancient times the Cres and Lošinj archipelago was known as the Apsyrtides. The name is derived from that of mythical hero Apsyrtus. Churches, monasteries, Renaissance buildings, basilicas and remnants from the ancient times can be found all over the island. The discovery of the famous sculpture by Lizipos, a well-known sculptor from the 4th century BC, presenting Apoxyomenos, a Greek athlete, which was found in 1991 in the Lošinj underwater also testifies to the rich cultural life of the island.


Island Susak

Mali Lošinj - Is the largest town and is the main harbor on the island. Positioned in the biggest closed bay of the island it represents the biggest island settlement in the Adriatic.Most of the accommodation capacities are located in or near Mali Lošinj.

Veli Lošinj - Is situated in a small narrow sheltered bay on the southeast side of Lošinj island at the foot of St. John´s hill. Following the narrow streets of Veli Lošinj we enter a bye-gone era of sumptuous villas, which belonged to former captains. There are 80 different types of plants scattered around the villa gardens. Veli Lošinj is home to both Vitality Punta Hotel**** as well as Vitality Punta apartments****.

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