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OPATIJA: hotels and resorts in the princess of Adriatic


Opatija is a tourist destination with the longest tradition on the coast of Adriatic. It is situated on the coastline of Kvarner bay, geographically on the east side of the Istrian peninsula. Opatija welcomes its guests from all over the world for over a century now.


Hotel Istra

1. Smart Selection hotel Istra*** - One of the most popular hotels in Opatija thanks to its fair prices, both indoor and outdoor pools, location only 15 meters from the sea and rooms that have been renovated in 2018. Apart from that, guests love the cuisine of hotel restauran where half board service is possible with a-la-carte lunch.

Hotel Milenij

2. Grand hotel Adriatic I**** - A modern hotel known for its beautiful outdoor pool filled with sea water that overlooks the gorgeous bay of Opatija. Hotel is opened throughout the year and offer a great wellness center. Next to it you will find Grand hotel Adriatic II***, as a more affordable option.

Hotel Palace

3. Hotel Milenij***** - A top notch hotel of Opatija riviera that is smaller in size but offers only premium class services and amenities to its guests. It has a beautiful terrace that is perfect for a dinner with your favorite people. Enjoy being pampered in a hotel located only 20 meters from the sea.

4. Remisens Premium Grand hotel Palace**** - Located within a beautiful green park this hotel is a must see when you visit Opatija. Big indoor pool filled with sea water and completely renovated rooms (2016.) are just some of the reasons why this hotel is one of the most popular ones in Opatija riviera.

Tourism in Opatija

Hotel Admiral
Opatija centar
Opatija centar grada

Opatija riviera is a worldly famous elite wellness destination. It is home to many gorgeous sandy and pebbly beaches, green areas including some mesmerizing parks, a wide variety of restaurants and bars along with other places to have fun and relax. Smart Selection hotel Istra*** offers a great price to quality ratio as well as a central location close to the sea. Only two more hotels in Opatija have three stars: Smart Selection hotel Lungomare*** and hotel Gardenija***. The title of the best hotel in Opatija is shared by three amazing hotela: Hotel Milenij*****, Hotel Sv. Jakov***** and Hotel Ambasador*****.

Remisens hotel Admiral**** is mainly popular due to its size which offers many different room types as well as a spacious outdoor pool. Hotels Grand hotel Adriatic I**** and Grand hotel Adriatic II*** basically share the same location and a pool that has a great view of Opatija coastline. Remisens hotel Kristal**** is perfect for those who want to enjoy a great wellness center but also stay in a hotel close to the sea. You will find the best of two worlds (past and the present) in a Remisens Premium Heritage hotel Imperial**** which is located in the beautiful old building that has been renovated to serve the purpose of a four-star hotel. Hotel Bristol**** and Hotel Astoria**** are two hotels that are similar in size, both located within 100 meters from the sea. Just few steps from the famous walking trail called ‘’Lungo Mare’’ you will find a somewhat smaller but exquisite hotel Agava****. The only resort in Opatija region is located close to a tiny village Medveja where you will find the Smart Selection holiday Resort Medveja*** which is divided into Apartment/Mobile homes resort*** and hotel room*** type of resort.

History and culture of Opatija

Hotel Imperial
Opatija plaža
Opatija panorama

Opatija was first mentioned in the middle of XV. century and the name comes from the benedictine abbey (''opatija'') of St. Jakov. First hotel in Opatija was built in 19. century followed by many more hotels and luxury villas. That was the turning point of Opatija tourism as many visitors started arriving from nearby town Rijeka and even Italy and Austria. Wellness tourism is the core of Opatija as it has started to develop over a century ago and continues to live in the present times.

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