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TROGIR: hotels, tourist resorts and private apartments


Trogir is a beautiful little town located on the coast of Dalmatia in Kastel bay only 28km from Split. Trogir (the old core) is located on the island between Ciovo and mainland. It is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. In Trogir and surrounding villages there are several hotels and tourist resorts.


Tourist settlement Medena

1. Tourist resort Medena*** - Spacious air-conditioned apartments for 3-5 persons are located only 200m from the sea and the beach and 4km from the center of Trogir. Resort has over 250 apartments located in several colorful small buildings. This resort can be found close to Trogir in a village called Seget Donji..

Hotel Medena Trogir

2. Hotel Medena*** - This popular hotel can be found in Seget Donji, few kilometers from Trogir right in the middle of Trogir riviera (Trogir – Seget – Marina – Okrug). Hotel is home to comfortable standard and superior rooms. Guest have access to the outdoor pool and the beach is located only 150 meters from the hotel building.

3. Tourist resort Belvedere*** - This beautiful resort located in a small village called Seget Vranjica is home to many comfortable and fully equipped apartments. Guest have access to various different recreational facilities as well as the outdoor pool. Beach is located only 100m from the resort.

4. Adults only Hotel Ola**** - Amazing hotel intended only for adults who are over 16 years old. It has over 50 fully equipped rooms with sea views. Guest have access to both indoor and outdoor hotel pool. What is specific about this hotel is the fact that the food served in the hotel is based on paleo and LCHF diet.

Tourism in Trogir:

Trogir panorama
Trogir beach
Trogir sea

Trogir coastal surrounding are made of many beaches, coves, reefs and islets, all surrounded by crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Beautiful nature (as well as historical heritage) is the main reason why Trogir has grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations of the region. Visitor can choose between several hotels and resorts that are located in Trogir or in one of the surrounding villages. Hotel Medena*** that shares the territory with Resort Medena*** is a great budget friendly option that offer many comfortable rooms and apartment located between the pine trees close to the sea. Apartment resort Belvedere*** shares the territory with luxurious Mobile homes Belvedere****, lovely mobile homes with a location not far at all from the beach. Hotel Ola**** is an adults only hotel specialized in healthy holidays. In Seget Donji you will also find hotel Rotondo****, smaller hotel with a central location.

History and culture of Trogir:

Trogir center
Trogir walls

With 2300 years of urban continuity Trogir combines ancient Greek and Roman architecture as well as Venetian Renaissance and Baroque architecture and is the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic complex in all of Central Europe. As such, historic city of Trogir is on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1997. Trogir city core compromises of a preserved castle and tower, the cathedral of St. Lawrence (Sv. Lovro) with the masterpiece portal of Master Radovan, and dozens of other interesting and important sites.

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