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The unique Zadar city - best European destination for 2016.!

1st May in Croatia

Spend a perfect vacation in a unique Zadar city!

Best time to visit: :May-October
An ideal destination for: families with children, couples, adventurers, singles

Located in the heart of the Adriatic coast, city of Zadar with its 3000 thousand years of rich history and exceptional cultural heritage will delight you with its appearance and original offer of the most desirable European destination for year 2016! You will enjoy in one of the most popular tourist destinations exploring a numerous of cultural and historical monuments, natural attractions, the magic stone streets of the city, enjoyng the evenings in beautiful Kalalarga, Greetings to the Sun and listen to the one of the most famous sound of the sea organ.

Alfred Hitchcock 40 years ago proclaimed Zadar sunset the most beautiful in the world, and we certainly agree with his opinion and statement.

Fall in love in Zadar!

Cultural sights & attractions

The Forum
The beautiful main square from Roman times to the center of Zadar is one of the largest in Croatia. Here once unfolded entire public life of the city.

The Church of St. Donat
Symbol of the city and the most famous monumental edifice in Croatia from the early Middle Ages. It stands out for special shapes and double interior space. Church has long been used for religious purposes and for outstanding acoustics, it is used for musical performances of the famous International Festival of Medieval and Renaissance Music Musical Evenings in Sv. Donat .

The bell tower of Saint Anastasia´s
Be impressed by the incredible panorama of Zadar from a height of 62 meters. The experience from the top will leave you breathless and you will forget on each of 183 steps leading to the top.

The Kalelarga
Kalelarga or Wide Street to locals of Zadar is a cult place and one of the symbols of the city. Represents a place of socializing, fun, love beginnings of many generations of Zadar.

The Sea Organ
The most famous Zadar attractions of modern architecture. Currents of waves passing through the musical pipes under the sea create an amazing sound. This is the perfect place to relax with a note of nature and, in the words of the famous Alfred Hitchcock, the most beautiful sunset in the world!

Greetings to the Sun
In the form of a circle of 22 meters in diameter, this unique installation by day absorbing sunlight and sunset include the lighting elements and create magical play of light in the sound of the Sea Organ. Apart from the Sun, here are shown and all the planets of the solar system.

Museum of Ancient Glass
Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar with a rich collection of over 5000 different glass objects from ancient times is a unique cultural institution in the world.

Permanent exhibition of church art - the Gold and Silver of Zadar
Exhibitions of Ecclesiastic Art in the Benedictine Convent of St. Mary. By the number and value of religious art, Zadar exhibition stands alongside the greatest museums of European cities.

Barkajoli of Zadar
The old core of Zadar is peninsula. Depending on the starting point, except for the mainland, city center can be reached by city bridge or a boat. Barkajoli of Zadar cherished tradition that dates back 3,000 years ago. The small boats with oars, in all weather conditions, transport passengers from the pier with a lighthouse by generations.

Recommended day trips:
Dugi Otok (Long Island) and Telascica Nature Park
Kornati Islands
Paklenica National Park
Krka National Park
The healing mud in Nin

Where to eat?

Bruschetta Restaurant
Many Dalmatians will agree that the Mediterranean cuisine as well as Dalmatian is filled with tradition so you don't have to doubt that you will be well-hosted and satisfied in Dalmatia. If you find yourself in a restaurant Bruschetta enjoy in some of the best specialties of seafood and of course in the hospitality of the hosts.

Restaurant Pet Bunara
Restaurant Pet Bunara with thirty years experience of making the finest Dalmatian dishes, changes its menu and adapts to the guests, but the effort didn't go unnoticed so many return to try new menu with many delicious of restaurants. As a member of the Slow Food philosophy, cooks prepare meals exclusively of organic farming and the menu changes according to seasons and seasonal ingredients. The interior of natural materials, stone and precious solid wood simply stimulates the appetite, but you don't have to worry because you are in the right place to please your palate! Bon appetit!

Restaurant Pašta & Svašta
Small family-run bistro, with the position in the center of the city of Zadar, although it only opened in 2014 so far is already enrolled as a true gastronomic discovery . All passionate lovers of homemade pasta have a perfect place for exploring because of the wide range of pasta and a rich supply of sauces and sweet desserts . Enjoy in restaurant offer in the restaurant Pašta& Svašta!

Restaurant Foša
Fish restaurant Foša located in the harbor Foša from the 16th century is the right mix of Dalmatian spirit combined with modern trends, both in the regulation of the environment as well as culinary delights from restaurants rich offer. The true tradition of the plate is adapted to the demands of modern guest. Dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients are the main feature of the cuisine enriched with original old flavors and delights equally domestic and foreign guests!

Trattoria Canzona
Pizzeria Trattoria Canzona is located on a peninsula in the city center that offers culinary delights to all its guests and who have only words of praise. Arrangement with Dalmatian details gives it the true spirit of old-fashioned trattoria using only local ingredients and herbs make every meal special and unique. Definitely try the fish or meat menu and pizza that will surly delight you!

Entertainment & Nightlife

Dolce Vita coffee bar
With its long-standing tradition, Dolce Vita is more than just a coffee bar. With a position in the city center surrounded by centuries of history, we guarantee that your experience will be exceptional. Feel and experience the real Dolce Vita!

Yachting Bar
With its location just a couple of meters from the sea and the environment full of many hotels and apartments, this bar is always full of life. With its variety of drinks, coffee and meals and frequent events, live performances and DJs, Yachting bar is one of the most popular bars in northern Dalmatia.

Garden Bar
With an unusual position on the wall that has a terrace with beds and a view of the port of Zadar, Garden bar is definitely one of the more interesting restaurants / cocktail bars in Zadar. Relax on the grass with refreshing cocktail watching the busy port which swells with life of hosts and tourists.

Maraschino bar
Situated opposite of the historic center of Zadar, Maraschino is definitely one of the most popular bars for a night out. Frequent live performances or arrivals of popular numerous domestic and foreign DJs are the success key of Maraschino bar. You can enjoy the inner part or the large spacious terrace and dance till dawn with your loved ones. Have a great time and fun!

Arsenal is a large multifunctional space intended for maintaining numerous events such as the contemporary needs of culture or numerous concerts of popular performers. Arsenal is Zadar ’s favorite gathering place, a meeting place of many ideas, new perspectives, new thinking. During the summer months there are concerts, therefore, if you are going to visit Zadar, ask for Arsenal and current events!

Coffee bar Kult
As the name suggests Kult is one of the iconic places of the city of Zadar. Every year more and more locals as well as numerous guests recognize and visit the iconic place. On the spacious terrace of the beautiful small park, ideal for hot summer evenings, where you can often enjoy a variety of events and performances of Dalmatian choir. Visit this cult place for good time and fun in one of the most famous street of Zadar, street Stomorica!

Vinyl Bar
On one of the most attractive locations of Zadar , Vinyl bar, the ideal place if you want to relax in a pleasant and interesting ambience or if on the other hand you would prefer to have fun in the night hours. Vinyl bar is becoming a popular gathering place for the city of Zadar and its loyal guests!

Lounge & Bar Ledana
Opened in 2012 in a very short time Lounge & Bar Ledana gathered around many fans, followers and visitors thanks to its beautiful surroundings of preserving history in a contemporary and modern way. You are able to enjoy a variety of cultural and musical events, in the morning in a nice cup of coffee to wake you up or a cold drink in the daily break or maybe a concert or DJs performance that are reserved for the evenings!

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