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Mestrovic Gallery is located in Split, and is consisted of the complex of the residence of the famous Ivan Mestrovic. It was built from year 1931. - till 1939; and it it located on the southern part of Marjan Hill, right above the sea level; over the scalinade of stairs projected by Mestrovic himself for entering its bay called Jezinec.

Ivan Mestrovic is one the most know Croatian artist of the 20th Century. He was born in Dalmatinska Zagora Region in year 1883.; raised in Split, studied at Vienna where his talent was shown pretty early.
He was working in Paris along with great Rodin, at Rome he got back to classics, and in London he gained the most of his success. After the World War Two, he was living and working in Unites States, where he dies at year 1962. Mestrovic Villa is built in classic style. Two symetrical wings of the building are connected with the porch. The living area are decorated in cariatides dressed in local folk dresses of his region. The Villa has a great terrace with magnificent sea view.

In the inner part of the exhibitional area is filled with its marble, stone, bronze and wood; along with paintings and sketches, and outside it is a great statue of Kiklop, one the symbols of the Gallery; together with many other bronze statues.

With its beautifull landscape, the garden in the summer time becomes a summer theatre scene, with plays like Turandot and the Summer Night Dream. Nearby the family house, Mestrovice bought Kastelet, the land of the burg family Capogrosso – Kavanjin from the 17th century.

In the year 1939 he renovated and projected, for the collection of his works;the Church of St.Cross.


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