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Geotourism in Croatia


Nowadays, geotourism is becoming more important, due to its characteristics that encompass cultural and ecological aspect of environmental protection. Development of geotourism is based on the degree of protective measurements that are being passed in order to protect the natural heritage of protected areas.

As a form of specialized tourism, geotourism supports and enhances the environment, culture, esthetics, and heritage as well as the geographical character of the place that is being visited.

Croatia is a country full of natural riches, geographical diversity, and different varieties of plants and animals, and is therefore an ideal place to develop geotourism. In Croatia, geotourism provides you with an unforgettable experience of nature and gives you the opportunity to get to know this small country full of natural riches.

Geotourism in Croatia - programs


1. Extraordinary tours walks in geopark of island of Rab - You will tour the geological paths on the island of Rab and get to know the geological heritage, animals and plants of the island. The trails are approximately 60 km long, well marked and easy to walk on, and pass by the seaside and along the reefs of the island.


2. Dazzling beauty of geological garden of Lopar - You will tour the geological path Lopar which extends along the coastline and passes by all the beaches of Lopar. During your stay on Rab you will get to know the geological heritage and recent natural processes, tide zones and desert environment of the island.

Forest Dundo

3. Island tour of Premužić trails - Discover Rab and its hiking trails that pass by the open part of the northern slope of the island with breathtaking views of Lopar, Goli otok, Velebit and Velebit channel. We will learn about the protected forest Dundo, local folklore and gastronomy.

Cerovacka cave

4. Discovery hike of limestone pheomena of Croatian Dinarides - You will discover some of the most remarkable phenomena in Croatia by walking among the amazing beauty of impressive mountains of dinaric limestone. You will find Cerovec caves, the biggest cave system in Croatia that housed the Pleistocene "cave bear hunters", and the Krčić waterfall, as well as the Zrmanja and Krupa canyons and fascinating limestone landscapes.


5. Hiking trips to limestone areas of South Velebit - You will get to know the hidden limestone phenomena of south Velebit, the areas of amazing natural beauties. You will tour destinations like Velika Paklenica, Bojinac and Veliki Rujan, exceptionally popular among all true hiking enthusiasts.

6. Geological riches of Geopark Papuk - You will get to know all the beauties of the first Croatian geopark where 17 million years ago the mountains were islands inhabited with giant rhinos. You will find out everything about the creation of loess, a kind of soil of volcanic origin, and discover the secrets of the "Papuk mystery", a 400 million years old fossil volcano! Significance of geological heritage of Geopark Papuk was recognized by UNESCO, including it in the global network of 77 geoparks from 24 countries.


7. On the trail of glaciation of Dinarides - Velebit is the longest mountain of the Dinaric system. It stretches in a slightly curved arc, northwest - southeast, between Vratnik fold and the Zrmanja valley in a distance of 145 km. During this trip, you can discover and familiarize yourself with the the glaciations of the Dinarides.

Zrmanja Canyon

8. Familiarization with the hidden karst areas of Southern Velebit - Discover the natural beauties of Velebit, Paklenica National Park, Cerovec caves and cave Manita Peć. Velebit is the longest mountain of the Dinaric system. It stretches in a slightly curved arc, northwest - southeast, between Vratnik fold and the valley of Zrmanja river in a distance of 145 km.


9. Educational course in general geology - We meet up with the cultural heritage of the island and learn about the composition of our planet Earth, the continents, fossils and age of rocks.


10. Educational course in sequential stratigraphy - Introduction to the principles of sequentia stratigraphy of shallow water clastic rocks, with an excellent view of the terrain on the island.

Uniline travel agency gives you the opportunity to experience geotourism in Croatia through visits to numerous geoparks, geogardens and other natural phenomena of Croatia. Experience geoparks, geogardens, hiking trails and explore Croatian countryside and natural phenomena.

River Gacka

Our programs are created in collaboration with ProGEO-Croatia and bring only the best of geoturism! ProGEO-Croatia is an organization that is a member of European ProGeo association for protection of geological heritage, as well as a member of Croatian natural society. Uniline`s and ProGEO`s main goals are active promotion of geology, protection of Croatian geological heritage, exploration, education of visitors, and popularization of geological sites in Croatia.


Geotourism - partners

ProGEO-Croatia member of European ProGEO association.

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