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Karlovac County: hotels, apartments and private accom


Karlovac County is located in central Croatia. Karlovac County bordering two neighboring countries: the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Administrative, political, economic, cultural and sport center of the district is the town of Karlovac. Karlovac is administratively divided into five cities and 17 counties. Thanks to its transit, traffic and geostrategic position is one of the most important counties: There is an intersection and the junction of major roads that connect Europe to the Adriatic coast.

Towns in Karlovac County


1. The city of Karlovac is situated in the heart of the Croatian at the confluence of four rivers. It is attractive destination for vacation and entertainment. Karlovac is a example based of the leading architectural ideas of his time: Renaissance, geometrically correct figure of a six-pointed stars....

Tourist and cultural center

History and culture of Karlovac County


If you are considering where to spend vacation, Karlovac offers numerous towns and cities worth admiring. Place Rastoke delights visitors from all over the world. Discover this magical place through all four seasons; enjoy the magical waterfalls, rich flora, colors and scents that will enchant you. Petrova Gora is one of the most beautiful and best preserved forested mountain landscapes in Croatia .... Sports and recreational facilities include a tennis center of Brig, the Olympic Center Bjelolasica, Toplice Lešće. Among other sights worth mentioning Barac's caves, springs Mrežnica, Canyon Park, Jelov Klanac, Vivodina, Zeleni Kut, rural tourism Heart of Nature.

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