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Natural attractions in Croatia

Visit natural attractions and experience an unforgettable adventure!

Croatia is a country with many pits, caves, arboretums and other natural attractions. Croatia is famous for its pits and caves that are know in the world. With its 53 pits deeper than 250 meters and 52 caves that are longer than 1000 meters, Croatia is one of the attractive place for speleology and underworld research. Besides the caves which are intended for professionals, Croatia has many so-called tourist caves, which are suitable for amateurs.

Arboretums are tree collections in which are often exotic trees and plants from distant countries, and they are ideal place for relaxation and rest. There are three arboretum in Croatia: arboretum Trseno near Dubrovnik, arboretum Opeka near Varazdin and arboretum Lisičine near Voćina in Slavonija.

Uniline gives you the opportunity to discover the adventurous spirit within yourself and explore the Croatian caves and pits and to enjoy the peace of the beautiful arboretums!

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