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SAMOBOR: hotels and apartments in Samobor


Samobor is the most attractive place in the region of Zagreb and the cradle of the Croatian mountain climbing. In Samobor of historical sites there are King Tomislav Square, Samobor Old Town, Livadic Manor House from 17th century, Samobor Museum. Events such as Carnival of Samobor and classic car rally are just a part of the rich tourism offer of Samobor and among the gourmets are particularly famous kremsnitecakes.

History and culture of Samobor


With the Charter of King Bela IV. 1242nd Samobor has been granted the status of royal market, which is directed to its economic and demographic development throughout history. The town had the autonomy and independence from feudal lords and the authority of the ban, and an independent internal administration and the judiciary. From the 1809th to 1813. Samobor became part of Napoleon's Illyrian Provinces and is under French rule.

Throughout its history, the main activity of the local population was crafts. Copper and iron ore were mined from the 16th century Rude near Samobor. Except mine in Rude, there were two glass manufacturing, and the population was involved in the making potassium, which is an important raw material for the glass and chemical production.

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