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Castle Trakoscan was built in the late 13th century as part of the defense fortification network of the Zagorje principality.
Castle Trakoscan gained the neam by the Thacorum Fortress; or by other legend says it was named after knights Drachenstein. The first known owners of Castle Trakoscan were the Celjski family.
This family held Castle Trakoscan for three generations. When its last member died in 1566, the estate was taken over by the Royal Treasury. The king granted the estate to Cardinal and Croatian Ban Juraj Drašković for his personal use and as hereditary property. Thus, in 1584 the Drašković family gained possession of Trakošćan. They remained its hereditary owners, with one brief interruption, until World War II. In the 1953 the Museum od Castle Trakoscan was founded. The artecafts are from the period from 15. till Century.



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