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ISLAND OF PASMAN: Apartments on Pasman (Islands, Croatia)


Located in the Zadar archipelago and encircled by several small islands, Pašman is one the larger Croatian islands which is rich in cultural heritage as well as unique nature. The island is home to various private apartments of different sizes and styles.

Attractions in Pasman


1. Scattered all over the island are mountain biking paths and one amongst most interesting for walking and cycling is surely trip to Mount V. Bokolj, offering stunning views of the neighboring islands, Kornati, Pasman channel and Biograd with its surroundings.

St. Kuzme

2. St. Benedictine monastery of St. Kuzma Built in 1059. at the location of former Byzantine fort and later church - Mt Ćokovac survived destruction and renovation, and was later converted into a Gothic style church. Located within the object is famous painted crucifix from the 15th century. Also, the monastery alone stands for the only active Benedictine monastery in Croatia and famous Glagolitic center. The word Cok in local dialect stands for blackbird (kos).

St. Duje

3. Franciscian Monastery of St. Dujma with a church Built in the 14th century, altered trough history, given to the Franciscians he stands today as a remarkable monument, museum and popular tourist attraction in Pasman. Famous collection of antiques includes monastic cloister, the painting of the Virgin and a number of exponents that tell the story about the history of the island and the people who lived there.

Tourist and cultural center

Tourism in Pasman


Pasman is certainly rich with beautiful beaches, pine forests, many species of aromatic plants indigenous to the Mediterranean, and especially the clean sea thanks to unique sea current which changes direction every six hours. Local accommodation on this pearl in Zadar archipelago is surely at high level while the gastronomic specialties are well known to the guests who have stayed here. Robinson tourism is present on the south side of the island absent of roads and all signs of civilization.

In case you want to stay in a hotel but still spend time on Pasman we suggest you do so in a town called Sv. Filip i Jakov which is located on the mainland, directly opposite of Pasman. a href=>Tourist resort Croatia*** is home to various apartments and is usually bokked by families with children. Villa Donat**** with its adjacent Villa Donat Annex building*** are oftenly visited by everyone who wants to stay close to the famous beach. Hotel Alba*** has an amazing location close to the beach and to the town center as well.

History and culture of Pasman


From the remnants of Illyrians, Romans and other travelers trough history by all accounts the most noted locations are Benedictine Monastery of St.. Kuzma and Franciscan Monastery of St.. Dujma with unique collection of antiques.

Places in Pasman


About 3000 people traditionally versed in fishing and agriculture welcome tourists with quality accommodation up to I and II category including houses, apartments, guesthouses, camps, restaurants and taverns with rich native cuisine.

Tkon Located on the south side of he island of Pasman is Tkon, local residents call it Kun and themselves Kunjani hence the name was passed to local famous sea shell.

Nevidane - town and harbor 3kn northwest of the village Pasman. Mainly oriented towards fishing and tourism the settlement dates back to 1067 and holds numerous historical monuments.

Zdrelac - the settlement named after narrow passage of Zdrilo which separates island Uljan and Pasman. The islands are connected with 210 meters long bridge. Zdrelac is surrounded by beautiful beaches and has a small historical church of St. Luke which together attract many visitors every year.

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