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Contract parties

This Contract is between the Uniline d.o.o with its headquarters located at Bože Gumpca 38, 52100 Pula (Croatia) (further in the text: Uniline) and the owner of the website that has completed the affiliate application as UNILINE AFFILIATE PARTNER (further in the text: Affiliate Partner).

Article 1. - Subject of the contract and relation between contract parties

This contract defines conditions of participation, principles of work, terms and conditions and rules of behavior of all participant of UNILINE AFFILIATE PROGRAM (further in the text: affiliate program).

Parties of this contract are independent contractors. No regulation in this contract represents any kind of partnership, mutual investment or any kind of agency cooperation. Affiliate partner doesn't have authority to offer or to present Uniline services that are not defined in this contract, franchise or to be exclusive agent of Uniline.

Article 2. – Participation in UNILINE AFFILIATE PROGRAM

Each legitimate and physical person that has an Internet site can participate in affiliate program. To become affiliate partner our partner must receive unique UNILINE AFFILIATE ID (in further text: Affiliate ID). To receive Affiliate ID it is necessary to complete on-line application or to send an email to with all necessary data (First and last name or company name, address, email and web page URL). After sending all necessary information, Affiliate partner will receive Affiliate ID, and username and password to access user part of the site of Affiliate program where Affiliate partner can check the number of sent requests and reservations made through their Affiliate ID.

Uniline has several categories for Affiliate partners depending on revenue. Each category receives commission as shown below:
  • NEWBIE PARTNER – has less than 50.000,00 Euro of revenue, and make 5% commission
  • FIDELITY PARTNER - has more than 50.000,00 Euro of revenue, and make 7% commission
  • GOLD PARTNER - made more than 100.000,00 Euro of revenue, and make 8% commission
  • PLATINUM PARTNER - made more than 500.000,00 Euro of revenue, and make 10%

In the case of violation of articles of this contract, Uniline reserves the right to cancel the contract in any moment, to new and existing Affiliate partner and deactivate their Affiliate ID.

Article 3. - Connecting sites

Affiliate partner can use two formats in our affiliate program (in further text:Affiliate formats):


Affiliate frame (iFrame) can be shown on any site provided it has at least 535 px of width on the web page that the frame will take up.

Affiliate Link is a way of advertising which enables to track the number of visitors that come to through affiliate links. When a visitor comes through a link with an Affiliate ID to our web page, his browser is given a 30 day cookie with Affiliate Partner ID. Affiliate partner can put the affiliate link on text, picture, animated or static banner or other web service.

If Affiliate partner wishes to use both Affiliate formats on the same or different domains, Affiliate partner is obligated to use the same Affiliate ID so it is possible to correctly calculate total revenue.

Uniline gives Affiliate Partner nonexclusive right to advertise all services and products from Uniline offer, in a way defined by this contract.

Uniline gives to affiliate partner a non-exclusive right to use Uniline logotype with a text, to help affiliate partner to be easily identified as a member of this program. Uniline is keeping all the rights related to protected trade mark, company sign, logotype, motto, text and other graphic samples together with all other Uniline intellectual property.

If Uniline rates, at any moment, that affiliate partner doesn't fulfill conditions, reserves the right to cancel the contract and deactivate Affiliate ID, of which Affiliate partner will receive a written note .

Sites containing following contents cannot enter Uniline affiliate program:

  • pornography
  • violent content
  • any kind of discrimination (religion, national, racial, sexual...)
  • illegal activities
  • contents that jeopardize intellectual properties and rights

Article 4. - Commission and payment dynamics

Affiliate partner makes a commission per realized reservation, after the guest finishes using the service, when there is no more possibility to cancel. Commission is made only on basic service and is not calculated on additional services such as tourist tax, registration fees, additional payment for full board and half board and other extra services such as for children's bed, pets, etc.
Percentage of commission depends of the status of the Affiliate partner in the moment of payment, shown below:
  • NEWBIE PARTNER makes a commission of 5%.
  • FIDELITY PARTNER makes a commission of 7%.
  • GOLD PARTNER makes a commission of 8%.
  • PLATINUM PARTNER makes a commission of 10%.
Affiliate partner can check realized visits, sent requests and realized reservations at an moment by logging in to user part of Affiliate program with the username and password they received with their Affiliate ID.

Uniline is obligated to pay the commission to Affiliate partner on his request at any time, with the minimal amount for payment is 150 €. If during the calendar year Affiliate partner doesn't request a payment, Uniline will make a payment to Affiliate partner once a year, regardless of the amount.

Any eventual complaints on payed amount must be made within eight (8) days from the commission payment in writing. Any subsequent complaints will not be considered.

Article 5. – Limitation of liability

Affiliate partner doesn't have any responsibility regarding the guest that has made a reservation of the service from Uniline Frame or web pages. Uniline is taking complete care of the client and is obligated to give to a guest a full service: responding the inquiry of potential clients, making calculation, controlling payment, making confirmation of reservation and sending vouchers, canceling reservation, solving reclamation, welcoming guests and giving them all help.

Affiliate partner holds no responsibility for the correctness of information (prices, description, pictures, availability) published within the frame or pages.

If the certain guest for any reason is not complying or is obeying Uniline standards, Uniline have a right to refuse to give services from our program.

Uniline is not liable for any indirect damage that is connected with unpaid commission if it is a result of unprofessional use of affiliate URL or erasing cookies.

Uniline is not liable for any indirect, special or any other damage done to an affiliate partner for which could be prove that is a result of participation in affiliate program.

Uniline is not liable for any eventual miscalculation of price and provision made by a mistake on web pages or within the frame.

Uniline is not liable for any damage done by a mistake in server's work, no electricity or "Vis Major".

Article 6. - Activation, contract duration, termination of the cooperation and changes of contract

By filling out the on-line application or sending request for registration by e-mail Affiliate partner confirms they have read and understand articles of this contract.

All eventual changes to the contract comes into force by publishing on web pages. Affiliate partner is obligated to keep themselves informed by regularly checking web pages. Contract is valid indeterminately from the moment of approving Affiliate partner.

This contract, without explanation, can be canceled by any contract party.

Article 7. – Competence of the court

Contracting parties hereby agree to solve any disputes in good will, however in case of a judicial dispute, it will be brought before competent judge in the Croatian Court House, with relevant law being Croatian law.

In Pula. 01. January 2008.
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