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Franciscan Monastery Museum is located in Dubrovnik, is mentioned for the first time in the year 1235. as the Monastery of St Thomas in the Pile suburb, which had been demolished upon the announcement of war with King Uroš II Milutin of Serbia in 1317.

A Franciscan Monastery Museum's library was additionally built in the 17th century, while a theological preparatory was added to the monastery in 1896. After the earthquake which had taken place on 6 April 1667, the church was restored in the Baroque style. One of the largest and most grandiose Franciscan monasteries, it has two cloisters: the upper (in the Renaissance style, with arches and semicircular vaults) and the lower cloister (in the Romanesque-Gothic style, characteristic of ornamented hexaphoras, rosettes and capitals with various geometric, plant, human, and animal-like adornments) with arches and a promenade.

The closter, constructed by Mihoje Brajkov of Bar (first half of the 13th century) is considered one of the finest Romanesque-Gothic buildings in our country. It has 120 columns and 12 massive pilasters. In 1860 the cloister was adorned with the frescos depicting the life of St Francis. The 14th century sarcophagus of M. Gučetić with reliefs is built into a cloister wall, while a fountain with the statue of St Francis stands in the cloister centre. The Franciscan Monastery houses the inventory of the old Friars Minor Pharmacy from 1317, the well-preserved pharmacy furniture from the 16th century and the 15th and 16th century vases from Siena and Florence. Other exhibits include various presses, mortars, a 14th century still, manuscripts of recipes, precise scales, quarts, etc.

In the Museum library there are valuable copies of manuscripts and chorales, as well as the valuable paintings by unknown masters, a 14th century head relic of St Ursula, and a collection of ex vuoto jewellery.


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