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Visia Dubrovnik 5D Museums, is located in Dubrovnik.

Visia Dubrovnik 5D Museums combines Disneyland and Gardaland theme parks experiences with modern museums experiences. Located at the very entrance of old town of Dubrovnik in the Church of St Claire, this programme will take its visitors on an exciting journey through the vast history and culture of Dubrovnik and Croatia with the help of the most recent 5D and Virtual Reality technology.

Before the museum visitors start their adventure of discovering Dubrovnik and Croatian history, they will be offered to leave their trace in a virtual creation called WORLD NETWORK™. The goal of this creation is to show that peace, and respect and acceptance of differences are a part of us all.

As a part of this creation, visitors will be leaving a photo of the outer side of their palm, their name and country of origin, as well as choose messages of peace, understanding and tolerance


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